Vintage Cinema Equipment

Original 1930's ODEON Cinema Sign 

(Over 20ft Long)

1930's/40's Cinema Seats

Up to 40 available in several different styles

1930's/40's Cinema Exit Signs

1940's 35mm Cinema Projector With R.C.A Sound head


Foyer Wall Plaque


Projectionist's Spares Cabinet

R.C.A Photophone
High Fidelity Cinema Sound System

Circa: Late 1940's - Early 1980's

The Photophone system was one of only a handful of sound reproduction systems that were licenced to be used in cinemas. To this day the amplifiers and speakers of those early days are regarded as some of the best sound equipment ever made due to their rich and full range tone.


Projectionist's Monitor Speaker


Main Auditorium Amplifier


Projectionist's Monitor Speaker Amplifier


Projector "Change Over" Switch And Volume Control

Western Electric "Non-Sync" Twin Turntables

Circa: Early 1940's - Early 1970's

Used to play music during intervals or whilst people are finding their seats before the film starts.

Foyer Film Classification Sign

Strand Lighting Dimmer Rack

Circa: Late 1950's - Early 1980s

You know your in your seat and the lights go down in the auditorium , then they fade down on the curtain before the film starts.......well this is the thing that does it.

Projectionist's Telephone

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