The following range of cameras can also be supplied with authentic accessories such as power supplies, cables and cases.


Vinten H 35mm
Motion Picture Studio Camera

Circa: Early 1930's - Late 1950's

The Vinten H was the most widely used studio camera of the British film industry during the 1930's and 40's, they were also used by Pathe and Movietone as a newsreel camera.

Although it was a very popular model very few survive today.

Vinten H300 35mm High Speed
Effects / Scientific Camera

Circa: Mid: 1930's - Mid 1960's

The H300 was the worlds first camera capable of running at 300 frames per second, this allowed it to produce slow motion footage.

Primarily for military, scientific and special effect shots, most famously used by Barnes Wallis's team for testing the bouncing bomb.

Mitchell BNC 35mm
Motion Picture Studio Camera

Circa: Mid 1930's - Early 1980's

Know as the "workhorse of Hollywood" Mitchell camera's (Now Panavision) are claimed to have been used on over 80% of the films that were produced in the United States from the 1930's to the late 1960's.

These camera's were so robust and reliable that they were still being used by Paramount studios until the late 1990's where they finally ended their working life on the TV series "Fraiser".

Mitchell Blimped 16mm
Motion Picture Camera

Circa: Late 1940's - Late 1960's

These versatile cameras were mainly used for making television news programmes, documentary films used in schools or for military, government training purposes.

Arriflex 300 Blimped 35mm
Motion Picture Studio Camera

Circa Early 1950's - Early 1980's

Silent running studio camera widely used throughout Britain and the rest of Europe.

Fearless Camera Co
16mm Rack-Over Camera

Circa Early 1950's - Late 1960's

Lightweight and compact camera ideally suited to television news crews and documentary film makers.



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