Dollies / Cranes / Tripods / Grip Equipment

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Mole Richardson 30B Studio Camera Crane "Mole Crane"

Circa: Late 1940's - Late 1980's

The Mole Crane was originally designed for the film industry and was used in studios around the world, its versatility and ease of use also saw it adopted by the television industry and these cranes went on to have a long life , this particular one was only de-commissioned in 2011.

The "Raby" Camera Dolly

Circa Early 1930's - Early 1970's

Widely used throughout Hollywood studios and the British Film and television industry.

One of these dollies was used on the Wizard of Oz to support the huge Technicolor camera.

The Houston Fearless 
"Panoram" Dolly

Circa Mid 1930's - Late 1960's

Large heavyweight dolly that was similar in design and useage to the Raby.

As far as I am aware this is the only Panoram in the UK.

Éclair "Crab"
Camera Pedestal

Circa: Late 1930's - Early 1990's

French made pedestal stand, these were originally designed for use in the film industry , but also used in the television studios and on outside broadcasts by the B.B.C

Moviola "Crab"
Camera Dolly

Circa: Late 1950's - Early 1980's

The Moviola Crab was the first of a new generation of lightweight aluminium dollies that lead on to the Fisher and Chapman type used today.

Mole Richardson 126B
Microphone Boom & Perambulator

Circa: Late 1930's - Early 1980's

These large mobile telescopic mic booms were used in film and television studios throughout the world and allowed the operator to position a microphone directly above the required spot.

Vintage Tripods

Circa Early 1930's - Early 1970's

Large selection of wooden and metal tripod in all sizes.

Moy Geared Head

Circa Late 1930's - Early 1980's

These heads were mounted to a dolly or tripod and allows the camera operator to pan and tilt a huge, heavy studio camera with just his fingertips.

R.C.A / Houston Fearless
Cradle Head

Circa: Late 1950's - Early 1970's

Mainly used in American television studios, but a few found their way to the UK, this one is ex B.B.C

O'Connor Levelling Head

Circa: Late 1950's - Early 1970's

Allows you to set your camera flat if your dolly or tripod is on uneven ground.

Panavision Tripod With
Geared Head

Circa: Mid 1970s - Present day

Large heavy duty Motion Picture Camera Tripod with geared head

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